Concrete style interpretations that center the planets as significators for events.

Sessions are primarily rooted in traditional Renaissance studies and the 20th-century innovations of Uranian cosmobiology, Evolutionary, and more. We build off astrology's 2400+ year history while also honoring space for the contemporary understandings of our intersectional identities.

Astrology offers us a blueprint to your cosmic makeup and a window into periods of time that can support your path forward.


Hypnosis is a non-ordinary state of conscious awareness, where the mind, body, and soul can work together to recondition our habits and beliefs-- always with your best interests at heart.

Taking our focused attention into deeply relaxed states generates theta waves, which naturally occur just before our bodies fall asleep. In this 'dream' state we can more easily introduce positive suggestions to our subconscious minds; Allowing our nervous system to rest and encourages the cells in our body to regenerate. Here we can work with our brain to create new neuro-pathways and evoke our desired changes more efficiently.

Hypnosis is a goal-oriented practice of meditation, manifestation, and materialization.

KATIA PÉREZ FUENTES (they.them) is a professional astrologer, hypnotist, and artist.

They care about creating active experiences for 'rest, play, ritual, celebration, and learning' as ways to consciously enhance our quality of life– leisure for self actualization. KPF will occasionally teach drawings and mindfulness classes in connection with nature.

Previously they’ve worked as a museum professional with ties to The Art Institute of Chicago, The National Museum of Mexican Art, Smithsonian Latino Center, and many more non-profits across Chicago, Albuquerque, and beyond. Katia is an advocate for ‘Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility’ (DEIA); with over eight years of experience leading anti-racism practices, intergenerational mentorships, and centering the importance of intersectionality. KPF has organized symposiums, social-practice projects, large-scale community murals, DIY events, and creative pop-ups. They have been a studio manager for local artists, public arts administrators, and creators. This includes online community building for courses and memberships, such as TheStrology Inc.

Pérez is a graduate form the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In recent years they have studied under the Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis; Oraculos School of Astrology; Mesoamerican Spiritual Mentorship programs; and various other courses that inform their current practice.