Astrology offers us a blueprint to your cosmic makeup and a window into periods of time that can support your path forward.

More than meditation, hypnosis is goal-oriented and works with your neuroplasticity to stimulate new brain cell activity. Hypnosis is a non-ordinary state of conscious awareness, where the mind, body, and soul can work together to recondition our habits and beliefs-- always with your best interests at heart.


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Natal Astrology

60min Consultation | $150

Neo-Classical Birth Chart Readings

Everything I've learned from my various teachers, peers, and case studies to give you a reading you'll build off of for years to come.

Concrete style interpretations that center the planets as significators for events.

Sessions are primarily rooted in traditional Renaissance studies and the 20th-century innovations of Uranian cosmobiology, Evolutionary, and more. We build off astrology's 2400+ year history while also honoring space for the contemporary understandings of our intersectional identities.


Solar Revolution Forecast

60min Consultation | $180

$165 through 2022

Your year ahead using predictive astrology

Celebrate your birthday with a solar return reading!

We'll cast charts for your current year using the luminaries, your progressed chart, plus upcoming major transits, and compare them against your birth chart to identify natal themes being activated.

We'll compare various subsidiary charts against your Natal to identify natal themes being activated through

Solar Return + Natal Analysis

90min Consultation | $220

Ideal for new clients wanting a birthday reading.

A synthesis of your annual forecast combined with an overview of your birth chart from a neo-classical perspective. A blended interpretation of your Natal and Revolution horoscopes, including progressions and major transits.

Part astrology consultation - part guided hypnosis

all the undivided attention


☁️ Astro Hypnosis ☁️

120min Experience | $250

We'll explore your interests in depth over an astrology informed discussion to help shape your trance exercise. Each session is uniquely tailored to your current aspirations.

Participants will deeply enhance their self-understanding over a 2hr consult or split the experience into two 1hr sessions, so they can better integrate their learnings over the span of a week.



☁️ ☁️



75min Experience | $180

This session dedicates our time to creating a guided hypnosis experience informed by your natal astrology (optional).


Daydreaming Forecast

Revolution's Horoscope

120min Experience | $280

manifestations supported by celestial timing

Daydreaming forward takes your hypnosis experience to another level by incorporating your Solar Revolution Forecast. Using advanced predictive astrology techniques, we can tap into the energy ahead to more easily align with your ideal outcomes.







EXTENDED Experiences

Multi-Sessions Package | $330

THree x 1-hour sessions


Individual Follow-Ups | $70

add on 1-hour session

Additional Astro Hypnosis consultations can be scheduled up to 4 weeks after your last Daydreaming Session.

Schedule a Multi-Session Package of 3 x 1hr Astro Hypnosis consultations for a month long intensive at a discounted rate.

The benefit of booking this extended experience is that we can plan a three-tier approach to your Daydreaming. Meaning we can break down our change-work into steps that you'll gradually build on over a period of time. Our multi-sessions will not only serve as inspiration, but accountability checkpoints to ensure you reach your desired objectives. We'll troubleshoot whatever comes along the way.

Spacing out Daydreaming gives you the opportunity to integrate your learnings and see the shifts in your lived reality.